Lyman-Morse Technologies began doing business as a separate division of Lyman-Morse Boatbuilding  in 2013. Since then, the division has grown and diversified with customers and projects in many different markets and countries all over the world.

Lyman-Morse Technologies was originally developed when we created the revolutionary ReGenerator Power Management System and sold the ReGenerator to ZeroBase Energy, a world leader in distributed renewable energy and hybrid systems. This system was validated and deployed worldwide in a myriad of mission critical applications.  With its proven success, Lyman-Morse Technologies expanded the Regenerator deployments to a wide range of customers including U.S. Military forward operating bases, commercial installations in the Middle East, disaster response efforts in the Caribbean, residential customers in the U.S., and many others.

Early in our history, Lyman-Morse Technologies also developed “man-portable” solar power supply so field personnel could carry power to very remote locations for monitoring and communication requirements.  The company also developed a unique system in which solar array installation kits can be customized quickly and affordably for both small and large scale applications. These kits cost approximately 50% less than the standard arrays and are far more durable.

In recent years, Lyman-Morse Technologies has grown our skills, equipment and reputation to service a wide range of industries.  We now have provided our services to a multitude of fields, including architects, municipalities, universities, industrial manufacturers, research and development projects and more.  Current projects include the construction of a custom marine railway and hydraulic door system for a structure on the Historic Register, while also working on a cutting-edge project in partnership with one of the nation’s largest naval ship construction facilities.  Other recent projects include clock hands for Boston’s custom house tower, a composite church steeple and composite wind tunnels and air ducts.

Lyman-Morse Technologies’ core competencies include clean technology prototyping, project development, as well as international deployment, troubleshooting, and training.