With a long history of making beautiful parts for our luxury pleasure yachts, Lyman-Morse Technologies naturally gained interest from both residential and commercial customers alike when we started offering its services to these sectors. Often referred to by our customers as ‘pieces of jewelry’, our architectural pieces, like the craftsman who build them, are second to none.

Lyman-Morse’s composite experience and expertise ranges from basic open contact molding, to state-of-the-art, pre-impregnated and infusion processes. We provide our customers full tooling capabilities in the development of both large and small composite components. In addition, our ability to blend a variety of materials that achieve the optimum strength, weight, and cost ratios helps to provide the best value for any particular application.

Lyman-Morse craftsman building a Maine church steepleOur composite team sees myriad different materials on a daily basis. From carbon skinned, Nomex cored, ultra-light construction, to heavy-duty standard fiberglass, and everything in between, Lyman-Morse can meet your needs with precision and speed. Since 1995 we have been a leader in the SCRIMP resin infusion process and pre-impregnated composite systems. We have worked extensively with carbon fiber, Kevlar, and E-glass systems and are familiar with any construction or repair required no matter how trivial.

CNC-cut mold for Maine church steeple built by Lyman-MorseOur broad range of available thermoplastics and their fabrication is only limited in size and shape by our customers’ imagination. We use the latest plastic welding and forming techniques available to offer our customers the highest quality product whilst remaining at a cost effective price. Our plastics are available in a variety of different colors, thicknesses, densities, grades (food etc.) and, if required, with U.V stabilizers for outdoor longevity.

The core of our composite staff is ABYC or CCT certified with more than 25 years of experience in the trade. Recent projects include everything from 70’ single-part infusion boat hulls, to intricate custom prototypes, and small-batch part manufacturing.